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The GRILL ROOM Golf Show is a product of Tournament Radio Broadcasting LLC.

The show is a 2 hour show heard on XM 93 and Sirius 208 (Best of XM) from 10-12 Saturdays. The Show re-airs on Sundays and often times re-airs many times during the weekend.

The GRILL ROOM menu incorporates all things around the world of golf while specializing in news, views and happenings on the PGA TOUR.

Bob Bubka

The co-hosts, Bob Bubka and Jay Randolph, Jr. have between them over 40 years of covering professional golf tournaments, players and personalities and they offer their opinion on everything. Their relationships with the PGA TOUR players is long standing and personal in many cases which provides a unique insight found no where else.

Janis Self

Janis Self is the Executive Producer

Company address:

13921 Highway 105W, Suite 328
Conroe, TX 77304
p: 936 588 3415

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Janis Self: janis@trbgolf.com
Rob Goulet: rob@entertainmentsports.com

The GRILL ROOM's mission is to entertain the listeners, to continually over-produce for the advertisers and sponsors and always to reinforce the message the sponsors and advertisers want conveyed.

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